At Engineered Tooling Solutions we strive to remain knowledgeable about our industry's ever changing technology and skilled in applying that technology to today's business challenges.  It is our goal to provide our manufacturers, customers, and distributors with the best service, product knowledge, and technical proficiency in the industry.  We are committed to being an integral part of all business partners’ current and future success through integrity, professionalism, knowledge, hard work, and continuous improvement.

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Dick Cooper started in the cutting tool industry in 1989 working primarily in distribution throughout New England. In 1997 he became a district sales manager for a well respected cutting tool manufacturer primarily selling taps, drills and end mills. Working through distribution, sales continuously improved while proving quality will increase production and time management.
    Since 2006 Dick have been building Cooper Sales, now ETS, into a quality manufacturers rep. company. ETS 
continues to sell through distribution with an emphasis on the customer.


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Peter Elias started his manufacturing career working at a young age in a family owned aerospace manufacturing environment.  With a degree in Mechanical Engineering he continued working in the manufacturing of aerospace, firearms, medical and other industries requiring machined components.  With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing processes, engineering, precision machining, programming, cutting tools, and lean manufacturing practices, Peter has gained the experience needed to serve the industry. Peter has spent the last 5 years in tooling applications, as an Applications Engineer, with experience in machining of exotic materials.  With his experience and knowledge of cutting tool applications he is a significant addition to the ETS team.

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